emergency hammer boxes for trains, EN 45545Our emergency hammer boxes for trains are compliant with the pan-European EN 45545 railway safety standard because we understand that safety is a major concern for all train operating companies. They are delivered ready to be fitted and include your option of hammer, break glass, fixing methods and security rivets. The hammer is set behind Safeglass, the award-winning material which was specifically designed for emergency glass replacement. It breaks into pieces that do not hold sharp edges and can be handled safely. Safeglass makes trains safer for passengers and staff. We also offer colour matches and a range of hammer options.

 Hammer options:

All of our materials are compliant with National Railway Standards. The boxes can be attached with either screws or tape. We offer screen printed and plain break glasses. Custom break glass signs are available! Our hammer boxes are designed to make it easy to replace the Safeglass should it become accidentally broken.

You can purchase spare break glasses, hammers, brackets and rivets from our Shop.

Custom Railway Hammer Boxes

Many customers have individual requirements that the standard box will not fit.  If you need custom made emergency hammer boxes for trains on your fleet, we offer a bespoke design service to satisfy any individual requirements. The same standard of materials and workmanship are employed so that the finished product is just right.  If you are not sure that the standard Safebox is what you need for your train, contact us to discuss your project and get the best solution to fit your needs.  We have worked with many rail operators throughout Europe.

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