Hammer with Hand Shield

£19.00 exc. tax & delivery

Emergency glass hammer for escape from buses, cars, buildings and trains. Produced to the highest quality level and easy to install, using our mounting bracket.



Emergency glass hammer  suitable  to install on cars, buses, trains, as well as homes, offices and public buildings.

  • Easily attached to walls or bulkheads
  • Compliant with safety standards and regulations
  • Easy to install using our mounting brackets
  • Hand shield to prevent injuries and provide a firm grip
  • Reinforced metal tip
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design with slip-proof handle zone

Our hammers are high-quality emergency tools, designed with safety in mind. Suitable for breaking Safeglass, toughened and tempered glasses. You can purchase our hammers separately or get a fully assembled hammer box for buses  and buildings or railway.  The box includes your option of hammer, break glass, brackets and fixing methods.

Safeboxes are designed to make it easy to replace each of its components. To purchase spare break glasses, rivets and brackets and see the full range of emergency hammers, visit our Shop. 

Customisation Service

We offer a bespoke design service to satisfy any individual requirements. The same standard of materials and workmanship are employed so that the finished product is just right. If you are not sure that the standard Safebox is what you need for your bus or building, contact us to discuss your project and get the best solution to fit your needs.