Terms of sale

Terms & Conditions of Sale of Goods

From hammerbox.co.uk and Safeglass (Europe) Limited


Hammerbox.co.uk is owned and operated by Safeglass (Europe) Limited (please see contact details below if you wish to contact us.) Making a purchase from this website is done so in accordance with this policy and the other policies listed on this website, such as our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.


The goods you purchase on Hammerbox.co.uk are as described on the relevant product information pages.  The information is true and accurate at the time.  Goods are in a new condition unless otherwise stated.


The price of the goods excludes VAT.  VAT will be added to the price if the goods are sold in the UK for a UK customer.  Goods being sold overseas will be sold with the current VAT rate applied.  In the case of a VAT registered EU country, this will not be applied.  Prices are current at the time of purchase.  Prices exclude delivery charges unless otherwise stated.

Delivery Costs

Any delivery charges will be added to the cost of your order.  These will be clearly displayed before you are required to purchase the goods.  The options you choose regarding delivery, such as the service required or the delivery address location, will affect the price you pay for delivery.


Payments can be made directly through this website by credit card or by bacs transfer.  Should you wish to pay for goods via any other method of payment, please contact us at the address below.

Delivery of Goods

We will send you confirmation of an approximate delivery date as soon as possible after receiving your order.  Goods are made to order.  If you chose to have the goods delivered by a specific method, that method will be employed.   If no options were chosen, lighter goods will be despatched by second class post and can take 3 – 5 days.  Heavier goods will be delivered by next-day courier and a signature is required.

Cancellation / Returns where the goods are not faulty

The goods sold on this website are bespoke and made to order.  We are therefore not obliged to accept order cancellations or returns once we have acknowledged your order. The customer should be clear about all dimensions etc before placing their order.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.  Should you wish to change your mind after placing an order or receiving the goods, we will work with you to resolve any issues.  If we have not ordered materials to complete your order or spent time on making the order, we will issue a full refund where possible.  We will offer a partial refund where we have purchased materials for your order or spent time making your order but not completed your order depending on the progress of the order.  If we complete your order.

Cancellation / Return where the goods are faulty

If you discover that the goods are faulty or we have sent you an incorrect item, you may return them to us free of charge.  We will try to replace your item or offer an alternative.  The procedure and terms are as follows:

  1. Inform Safeglass (Europe) Limited by phone, fax, email or post using the contact details below.  We may offer you a replacement or alternative product and will discuss this with you.
  2. Goods must be returned to Safeglass (Europe) Limited before the agreed arrangement will be enacted upon.
  3. You may be asked to return the goods to us or we may collect them from you.  You must return the goods or make them available for collection as agreed with us.  Safeglass (Europe) Limited will pay for the goods to be returned.  You must obtain proof of posting if asked to do so.
  4. If Safeglass (Europe) Limited does not receive the goods from you, no replacement will be made.  If you do not receive a replacement from us or contact from us about a replacement, but you have returned the goods, please contact us using the details below.  You may need to send us proof of posting if we asked for it.  If we do not receive the good or proof of posting, replacement will be made to you.
  5. Should an alternative product sent to you not be suitable, this procedure can be repeated.  Safeglass (Europe) Limited will pay for the alternative product to be returned to us.  You must not use or damage the alternative product and take reasonable care of it.
  6. We will always seek to work with our customers to put right anything which we do incorrectly.

Costs for Phoning Us

Phone charges are charged at your standard rate for a call made to a UK landline.  We do not operate a premium rate service.

Contacting Us

 Safeglass (Europe) Limited Nasmyth Building Nasmyth Avenue East Kilbride G75 0QR

 Tel: 01355 272828 Fax: 01355 272788

Email: sales **at** Hammerbox.c o .uk